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Tips For Getting Your Community Ready For Spring

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Spring Flowers

The St. Louis Metropolitan area typically has cold and wet winters. The frigid temperatures and high winds are uncomfortable and encourage people to stay inside. However, many St. Louis residents enjoy the temperate spring weather before the summer heat.

Spring in the St. Louis metro area is a wonderful time. You must prepare properly to ensure your community gets the most out of it. The rest of this article, provided by these property managers in San Diego will give you all the tools you need to prepare your community for spring.

Tips for Getting Your Community Ready For Spring

There are a lot of tasks to complete in the spring. It is easy to get overwhelmed. To simplify matters, just follow the tips below. They will help your community prepare fully for spring this year.

1) Plan spring events

Homeowners will be more likely to congregate outside as the weather warms in spring. You can take advantage of this fact and plan events to help your community unite this spring. Common spring events in community associations include the following.

· Community garage sale

· Spring cleanup event

· Community garden planting day

· Community barbecue or block party

· Hiking, biking, or walking group events

2) Check infrastructure

The rough St. Louis winter may have caused damage to your infrastructure. Sidewalks and streets may have cracks. Winter storms may have damaged your landscaping. Debris may have accumulated throughout your community.

You should use spring to check for and repair any infrastructure problems. In addition, you could plan volunteer days for your community members to help clean up communal areas. Spring should be the time when you beautify your community.

3) Renew vendor contracts

Part of checking your infrastructure is renewing your vendor contracts. Vendors perform a lot of tasks in a community. According to these Chicago property managers, these can include many things, such as the following.

· Landscaping

· Maintenance

· Trash pick-up

· Pool cleaning

You may have established vendors that provide these services. For those vendors, use spring to renew your contracts. However, if you need to fill a vendor gap, contact Community Property Management (CPM). Our professionals have established relationships with the best vendors on both sides of the river. No matter your need, we can recommend a good vendor to contact.

4) Send out a spring newsletter

Finally, you can help your residents prepare their homes for spring by sending out a newsletter. In it, you can give homeowners all the tools they need to succeed in your community this spring. That means discussing the following.

· New rules and regulations

· Community updates

· Upcoming community events and activities

· Spring cleaning, maintenance, and repair tips

A prepared community is a thriving community. At CPM, we can help your HOA and condominium association prepare for spring in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. Follow the tips discussed in this article, and then call us. Our experts provide many property management services to ensure your community starts the spring on the right foot this year.

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