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Our Reviews

Lisa Bushnell

I just got off the phone with Paul Staryak, and it was a pleasure working with him. He was quick to answer my question, professional, and positive. Thank you!!

Lynn Sundall

Paul was very nice and ver helpful. I would give him an A+

Russell Jensen

Paul Staryak was very helpful today. He made things easy.

Carol Jones

I just want to say how much I appreciate Julie Poindexter. Her proffessional and kind approach is greatly appreciated.

Joayne Palazzolo

Call the office to Call the office this morning to make my monthly condo fee payment. Had the pleasure of talking with Paul and he assisted me on getting my account set up and also said that he would follow up with me Wednesday so I can set up auto pay. Thanks Paul appreciate all of your help..

Mark Silverstein

I spoke with Julia Poindexter Friday about a couple of concerns that will affect me this year. She was very attentive and showed concern for my inquiries. She gave me information on the status of my issues and how they were being addressed.

Jennifer Ellis

On Wednesday April 5, I had a wonderful customer service experience with Grace. Not only did she solve my problem with getting to the bottom of late fees because of an unknown missed bill, but she did it politely, expediently, and thoroughly. Her service even required a call back and she did so in a very timely manner. A great experience!

Carol A Griffin

Very helpful

Doris Gail Quillo

Lisa Galati, was very happy to listen and resolve my issue.. I informed her the "missing" 5 in my address was never missing. It had been painted over with the house paint when the "trim" was replaced. I cleaned the brown paint off the black #5. I also informed her there is brown house color on the top of my front door frame. She said she will have that taken care of. She advised me I should always contact her with issues like this. She was very efficient and enjoyed our call.

Joe Miller

Paul Staryak, was very helpful and was able to get my question answered and walk me through the process, all on the same call. Great customer service.

Jerry Howard

Clare is wonderful. You could not have a better employee. More to th point, wityout Claire's help i would never remember how to pay my condo fee.

Stephen Vyskocil

Julia Poindexter was great. I appreciate all of her help!

Jan Dieterichs

Paul did indeed assist me! Tell you what: a few of us out here do not include learning technology as one of our hobbies!

Mandy Gill

Hi, I just wanted to drop a letter note letting you know how much I appreciated the help from Angie Hite. I had received a bill stating I had an outstanding balance and with her help it was determined that the previous company failed to document my payment from last year. She responded to my initial email within a day and had the problem corrected the next day. I truly appreciate her help!

Debra McDanel

Contacted the HOA today with a question regarding overnight parking in the subdivision. Spoke with Ms Julia Poindexter. She was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable! We appreciate having her on our team. Thanks!

Deborah Alcorn

I just talked to Julia on the phone. She was great!! Patient and interested and wanted to make sure she had all the information she needed to take care of my problem.

Joann Shaw

As always, Theresa very promptly answered my phone call and helped me deal with another sewer backup in my condo. She contacted other residents in my building regarding the issue and also call Drain Surgeons.

Carolyn Mckenzie

Julia was real helpful & gave me the information I needed.

Mann Jacqueline

Angie Hite was very helpful with helping me with my mom’s maintenance pymt. she looked through the pymts and explained what had probably happened with a pymt. Thank you Angie.

Geraldine Jacobs

Julia answered promptly and quickly understood what I needed and suggested.

Shirley Middleton

Diane was such a huge help! I so appreciated her kindness and her help.

Alma Hamidovic

Julia Poindexter Was really informative and so kind when assisting me with my issue!

Deborah Wulsch

Theresa Staryak-excellent! *****!!

Peggy Lefarth

Julie, thank you for helping me get an answer to my question about renting the club house. I am looking forward to the answer.

Barbara Wright

Julia did a great job helping me with a computer issue. All is well. Julia saved the day! Thank you so much

Mike McNamara

Angie Hite was very helpful today with information on paying our assessment..

Brenda Davis

Jennifer Jeckstadt is our manager. She is excellent. Extremely knowledgeable, prompt with replies and always eager to help. We have 3 separate contracts, those are bid periodically. When we find a lower cost we know it will also not provide the level of service we receive from CPM.

Gary Lane

I Julia Poindexter today about my HOA account. She did a very good job answering my questions about my account. Thank You Very Much Julia.

Kevin Carney

Clare was very helpful in directing me where to go to obtain my key FOBs for the Westglen Village Pool.

Glennon Schultheis

Julia Poindexter was very pleasant and knowledgeable

Mike McNamara

Angie Hite was very helpful today with information on paying our assessment..

Carol Benner Burack

Julia was a great help to me to help get my HOA payment

Courtney Wegman

Paul Staryak was able to help solve the problem of merging both of my CPM accounts into one. He also removed previous tenants names from the property accounts, which is what I asked to have completed.

Gary Holt

Theresa Staryak is first class. This is my second time serving on the Hickory Sound Board.She stays on top of all the projects. Has answers at her fingertips and keeps everyone on task. Nice job. Theresa.

Lewis Bernstein

Angie Hite did a excellent job and got me the information that I needed quickly and was pleasant to work with

Jean Hohm

I am always impressed with the prompt response I always get from Terry Watsik.

Sandy Goellner

Julia was helpful with my questions after she understood what I was talking about " message discussing"

Mary Marchetto

Quick, friendly, and knowledgeable

Ruth Ann Salater

Julie Poindexter was very helpful and courteous

Julie Deglman

My request was done immediately and in a professional and friendly manner. Thank You!!

Patricia Shoffner

Paul was so helpful at CPM gateway! He was friendly, professional and extremely fast in filling my request!

Charles Long

It is with great pleasure that I am able to leave this feedback. I have worked with Ms. Melanie Chapman for a year now and each time has been a complete pleasure. Ms. Chapman is very knowledgeable and always seem to know the answer. Thank you for making my role in my HOA a breeze, keep up the great work!

Susan Carter

Theresa was very helpful in taking care of my issue.

Linda Burnett

I was treated with excellent customer care, Paul was very helpful and nice.

Lynne Mollahan

Great customer service and all my questions answered in a timely manner

Irena Saakova

Holly Young was very helpful and knowledgeable!!

Gary Langenfeld

Julia was knowledgeable and very helpful

Teresa Belangee

Julia Poindexter was so helpful to me. I was so frustrated and she just stepped right up and answered my questions and took care of me. Thank you so much Julia!

Shyron Pouson

Spoke to Holly Young today regarding HOA Assessment payments.

Angie Hite

Angie was prompt, courteous, and answered all my questions. She is truly an asset to your management team!!

Connie Harris

Angie was cheerful, accepting of my memory loss and very helpful. After she answered my question, she offered a solution to my fee payments arriving late. She was extremely helpful!!!

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