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Community Property Management In
Swansea, Illinois

Providing accessible, transparent, ethical, and proactive community management

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How We'll Help With Your
Swansea Community Property Management Needs

Financial Management

Our professional bookkeeping and accounting is designed to assist Communities (HOAs, Condos, Townhomes, Villas, etc.) like yours.

Association Management

Experience to best manage your community association. We believe in continuing education and constantly increasing our level of service.

Technology and Relationships

We provide a transparent relationship between the Community Board, owners, and CPM, through a secure web portal.

Risk Management

Bring to the Board’s attention risk management strategies to minimize insurance premium increases, reducing potential future claims.

Property Management

We have done this for decades, and we know how to expertly handle all the tasks that your community association needs. 

Trusted Services

Over 75% of CPM clients have trusted the services of CPM for greater than five-years; 33+% for more than 10-years.


Our systems and processes make things like rent collection and repairs smooth. This ensures you get your rents on time each month.


What Sets
Community Property

Apart From
the Rest?

We Communicate

21st century technology allows owners, Board Members/Trustees, and Management to communicate and connect via text, broadcast email, mobile devices, telephone, and US Mail.

We Are Experienced Pro's

CPM Managers are experienced and have selected their position as a career; thus CPM is a Community Associations Institute’s Accredited Association Management Company (AAMC) with Managers that have earned or are working towards their Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) and Association Manager Specialist (AMS).

Our Systems and Processes

Our innovative software systems and state-of-the art technology provide a number of benefits for you. We’re happy to show you how to log into your owner portal, and what you can do there. Talk to us about anything you need – whether it’s maintenance and landscaping, or help with an association question. We want your experience in your community to be a positive one.

We Love When Our Swansea
Area Clients are Happy


Todd Oesterlei

"Jane was very efficient and professional when responding to my request."


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Get Your Free
Community Analysis


Why Hire
The Management
Community Property Management?


With access to paid invoices, bank balances, status of maintenance & compliance issues, and the ability to run reports in real time the Board is never “in the dark” about what is happening in the Association.


Our Customer Service Team is ready to assist you with Community needs or escalate your call/email to the appropriate party that can address your need.  When you leave a  voice mail you can expect a return call the same day or the following morning.


The average tenure of CPM staff is 7-plus years.  When your Board asks for a recommendation, they can know that they are getting an experts opinion for that task/issue or that the answer is available through the 75-plus combined years of experience of upper management.

How CPM took the Small management company mentality and became a Missouri and Illinois Management Leader...


Swansea may be a small city in southern Illinois, but it is part of a much larger area. It is in the Metro East portion of the St. Louis metropolitan area. Swansea is close to Fairview Heights, Bellville, and O’Fallon, which are larger members of the Metro East. 

Swansea, IL, may be small, but it has a lot to offer visitors. The Labor & Industry Museum, Schranz Memorial Part, and Centennial Park are all wonderful tourist attractions in the city. With the entire St. Louis metropolitan region growing in popularity and population, it makes sense that Swansea would be growing as well. With each new community that springs up in Swansea, more community management is needed. At Community Property Management (CPM), we can help your Swansea community thrive. 


The best property management companies are locally owned and operated. For a manager to truly give your community exactly what it needs, they need to live in the area. At CPM, we are a local St. Louis company. We help HOAs, condominium, and townhome communities on both sides of the river. 

Another reason to choose CPM for your Swansea community property management needs is our experience. We have been in business for thirty-seven years. That means we have a lot of experience in the property management field. We understand the history of property management in the St. Louis area and know how it has changed in recent years. Our managers are invested in seeing your Swansea community succeed. 

Community Management Services for the greater St. Louis area
We offer residents of the St. Louis metropolitan area multiple service plans to choose from. These plans will vary slightly whether you prefer condominium management, community management, or HOA management. 


By far, our HOA management plans are the most popular services we provide to Swansea residents. Our three HOA management plans are detailed below and can be found on this page. 

  • Accounting-Plus: Our most basic plan is Accounting-Plus. Basic does not mean you should discount Accounting-Plus. The most essential services for any HOA are provided in this plan, including monthly financial statements, a web portal, and vendor recommendations. 

  • Full-Service Management: Full-service management will give you all of the services offered in the Accounting-Plus plan. Additionally, you will receive a management team that handles a variety of services for your Board. Some of these services include monitoring specific projects, attending board meetings, and managing maintenance requests. 

  • Custom Management and Maintenance: Our most unique HOA management plan is Custom Management and Maintenance. In it, we work with your Board to create a plan unique to your community. Swansea communities do qualify for the Custom Management and Maintenance plan, as do all communities in the greater St. Louis region. 

If you are looking for local, experienced, and cutting-edge property management, then you need Community Property Management. We are the number one property management company in Swansea, IL, for a reason. Contact us today to learn more about our history, our programs, and how we can help your community. 


The culture of CPM is centered on exceeding the expectations of owners and board members through its staff and the use of current technology. While we’re innovative in our approach to management, we haven’t lost sight of those who have not yet transitioned. We’ll meet you wherever you are.

CPM was started in 1985 with the idea that community management should be accessible, transparent, ethical, and proactive. With this simple business plan in place CPM has expanded to serve a variety of communities (to include, Condominium, Villa, Single-Family Homes (HOA), Town-home, Mid-Rise, and other styles of Multi-Family communities) and extended our service area to the entire Greater St. Louis Missouri and Illinois Metropolitan area including Missouri’s St. Louis, St. Charles, Jefferson, and Franklin Counties; the Columbia Missouri area, and the Illinois counties of Madison, Monroe, St. Clair and Jersey. We are dedicated to managing community associations. 


We work with a set of best practices that align with the code of ethics that earned us Community Associations Institute’s Accredited Association Management Company (AAMC) designation – a designation that denotes the exemplary capabilities and standards of CPM. 

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