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How to Keep Owners Engaged in the HOA

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Owners make up the heart of any HOA. They elect the board of directors. Their HOA fees fund community projects. They provide a volunteer workforce for the community.

The owners in your HOA are extremely important. Provided by Cool Realty, the following are some tips to keep them engaged and active in the community.

Tips for keeping owners engaged in the HOA

1) Communicate well

Everyone responds better to effective communication. Make sure your owners know what is happening in their community, including telling them about any rule or regulation changes, planned events, or board meetings.

Use several avenues for communication. Most people will have an email address. However, you can also spread the word through your online community portal, text messaging, and physical flyers.

2) Plan community events

Events are a fantastic way to bring a community together. There is a vast number of activities you can plan for your HOA. Consider things like picnics, pool parties, activities for the kids, happy hour events, and much more.

You can learn what events your owners prefer by asking them. Send out a poll that specifically asks people what events they want. You can also take the demographics of your HOA into account. For example, it does not help to plan a pool party for kids if no families live in the community.

3) Try online options

Many people are still concerned about Covid-19. So, planning online events as well as in-person ones can increase the number of owners that get involved. Streaming your board meetings over Zoom or putting them on YouTube is also innovative. It lets owners know what is happening in their community without attending in-person meetings.

Still, need ideas for increasing owner engagement in your HOA? Contact Community Property Management (CPM). We are the St. Louis Metropolitan Area’s source of excellent property management services.

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