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How To Prepare Your Community for Winter

Many people love fall, but the one negative of that exciting season is the approach of winter. There are many things to love about winter, such as snow days, holidays, and more. But still, the cold weather can be a trial for any community. 

From ensuring smooth transportation to safeguarding residents’ well-being, adequate preparation is key to navigating the winter season successfully. In the rest of this guide, we will give you our top five tips for preparing your community for winter this year. By proactively addressing these key aspects of winter preparedness, your Board can minimize disruptions and promote safety in your community this winter.

How to Prepare Your Community for Winter

Follow the tips below to be as prepared as possible for whatever happens this winter.

1.) Hire a great snow removal company.

Although the St. Louis region is known for its warm summers, it can also get extremely cold, icy, and snowy in the winter. To ensure the safety of your community’s residents, your Board needs to hire a great snow removal company. 

Look for a company with a proven track record, modern equipment, and a prompt response time to handle snow and ice removal effectively. With many options in the area, your Board could easily become overwhelmed. At Community Property Management, we can help you find the top snow removal vendors in the area.

2.) Ensure your residents understand winter procedures and rules. 

Clear communication is essential to ensure that residents are aware of winter procedures and rules within the community. Provide detailed information about snow removal schedules, holiday decoration restrictions, and parking regulations during snow events. 

You can put this information into a newsletter and circulate it around your community. Also, consider posting it online so residents have easy access to it for the entire season.

3.) Winterize your pool.

If your community has a pool, it is essential to winterize it properly. This process will prevent damage and ensure the pool’s longevity. Most HOA and condo communities outsource this task to a vendor. They should drain the pool to the appropriate level, add winterizing chemicals to protect against freezing, and cover the pool with a durable winter cover to keep out debris and snow. 

The experts at CPM can also help you determine the best pool maintenance vendor for your community.

4.) Create an emergency plan. 

Unfortunately, emergencies often happen in the winter. The combination of cold weather and inclement weather can cause hazardous conditions and even power outages. Your Board should create and circulate a plan for all of the most common winter emergencies. In it, you should identify shelters, evacuation routes, and communication protocols for residents in the event of a winter emergency. Also, ensure that emergency supplies such as food, water, and medical supplies are readily available.

Preparing for winter can be daunting, but you do not have to go through it alone. Let the experienced team at CPM help you in your winter preparedness efforts. At CPM, we specialize in managing HOA and condominium community associations and can provide valuable expertise in coordinating snow removal, enforcing winter rules and regulations, and addressing maintenance issues promptly.

Contact us today for more information about how we can help your St. Louis Metro community thrive.

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