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Do You Need an HOA Management Company?

HOAs have the responsibility to handle all the day-to-day functions and long-term planning. That’s why board members volunteer their time; to have an active role in the decision-making process in the community they call home.

However, many boards and associations underestimate the time that’s required to effectively manage an HOA. It’s easy to get emotionally involved, and to feel overwhelmed.

Maybe you don’t think you need an HOA management company like Community Property Management. But, there are many benefits to working with one.

Transparent and Trustworthy Financials with Professional Management

One of the best reasons to work with professional homeowner association management is to keep your financials detailed, accurate, and transparent. This includes:

Collecting HOA dues monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Managing financial reports and accounting statements.

Creating an annual budget.


Providing monthly reports to the HOA board and homeowners.


Making recommendations for reserve accounts to pay for capital improvements.

At Community Property Management, we have innovative accounting software designed specifically for associations like yours. It provides efficiency and immediate access to all the data and financial information you need. Working with a professional management company also protects you from fraud and keeps your books in perfect order.

Maintaining and Improving Your Community

Your professional association management company can take a lot off the shoulders of busy board members. Expect routine maintenance around the community, contributing to a safe and attractive environment. Your property management company will identify and work with qualified, insured, and cost-effective vendors and contractors, whether they’re roofers, landscapers, or electricians. 

Homeowners expect to enjoy and appreciate the community they live in, especially when they’re contributing to its upkeep and protection by paying their dues and agreeing to assessments. Our team at Community Property Management can preserve the condition of your community, keep it well-maintained, and communicate with residents and board members when work is needed. This leads to fewer delinquencies, higher property values, and an easier time attracting new homeowners to the community.

More Information About Our Service Areas

CPM was started in 1985 with the idea that community management should be accessible, transparent, ethical, and proactive. With this simple business plan in place CPM has expanded to serve a variety of communities (to include, Condominium, Villa, Single-Family Homes (HOA), Town-home, Mid-Rise, and other styles of Multi-Family communities) and extended our service area to the entire Greater St. Louis Missouri and Illinois Metropolitan area including Missouri’s St. Louis, St. Charles, Jefferson, and Franklin Counties; and the Illinois counties of Madison, Monroe, St. Clair and Jersey.

St. Louis County Missouri

St. Charles County, Missouri

Jefferson County, Missouri

Monroe County, Illinois

St. Clair County, Illinois

Franklin County

Madison County

Jersey County


The wind storm we had last week blew off the gutter on the side of my house from the roof down to the ground. I reported it in the afternoon and the next morning it was repaired. Thank you for your promptness and taking care of this matter.


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What People Are Saying About Us

4.8 /5
112 Reviews

Dec 17, 2020
Google Community Property Management
Always very responsive. I don’t always like the answers, but Jane Oliver gets back to me very promptly and gives me very direct answers.
Dec 14, 2020
Community Property Management
Responsive to my requests. Always.
Dec 14, 2020
Community Property Management
Good Morning, I had the pleasure of talking to Treasa this morning about our account , she helped me register our account and setup auto pay. Being new here and our mail and internet was slow being setup and working . Treasa has good people skills and patience with this senior citizen . Thank you for the your help.
Dec 5, 2020
Google Community Property Management
First, I would like to thank CPM for their two amazing employees Terry and Angie. Earlier this week I had an issue that was brought to my attention by a pest control company that mice were getting into my attic by way of a small gap around my gutters. I immediately called Terry S. and she had someone out with 24 hours to fix this problem. (I would like to mention that this saved me $900 with the pest control company.) The crew that she sent were very surprised that I was going to be charged that amount After telling them about the other issues the pest control company had mentioned in my basement, they checked that for me. I am elderly and did not go into the basement with the pest control inspector, but I did go with the crew that Terry sent. Needless to say, there was nothing wrong in my basement. I was being taken advantage of because of my age - but Terry and her crew saved me! And this saved me an additional $2,000.00. That evening Terry called to make sure the issue was resolved. (I have never experienced that with a management company.) This is the third management company that I have had with this HOA since I moved here and I have never had anyone that would respond and then check on the work afterwards. Terry and Angie have been wonderful! So Terry and her crew have saved me almost $3,000.00. I cannot thank you enough for having such wonderful employees! I will be forever grateful.
Dec 4, 2020
Community Property Management
T0 whom it may concern, I just wanted to say how grateful I was for having my plumbing problem taken care of in a timely fashion and on a Saturday afternoon .I had a plumber come out and he ran the rooter from the condo out, and said it was in the outside part of the line. So i called the emergency number and they cleared it up very quickly. I did appreciate their the job they did.

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