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Kimberly F.
Past President
 Treetop Condominium: 
Steve K.
 Past President
 Baxter Heights Condominium
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 December 2018  Bob, I wanted to tell you how happy we are with the work done by Theresa for Bodley Condos. She is organized,prepared and anticipates upcoming issues.  You have a great employee!

George F. President, Bodley Condominium (managed since 2017)

 October 2018 Bobbie, ...Thank you very much for the great job in managing our delinquencies.   Once this one gets settled we will be below $10K, and when we came to CPM in 2014 we were above $37K. That is great progress!!!! So thank you!!

Brian L. President, Madison Park (managed since 2014)
 October 2018  Thanks, Terry.  And I can’t stress enough what a great job you have done since taking over.

David Y., Board Member, Fountain Place Manor HOA, (managed since 2013)
 July 2018 I want to recognize our CPM Manager, Janet Lynch, for her outstanding work for Village Green Condominiums! 
I've been on the Village Green Condo Board for several years and during that time...  Janet follows up promptly on discussed projects, responds back to our owners on their concerns, comes out to the property when needed and/or for follow-up on projects.  Janet is very knowledgeable, deals well with issues and is easy to work with besides being a very nice person.
Thank you, we are happy to have her as our Manager.

Pat W. Board Member, Village Green Condominium, (managed since 2002)
 July 2018 Wow, I am impressed...Thanks Janet, you obviously take your job seriously and get into action.

Brian, Owner at Creve Coeur Crossing Condominium, (managed since 2011)
  July 2018 Janet,

Thank you so much for all that you do and followup on with your work for the Fairfield Condo Association.   I am so appreciative to have you as our manager.  I just wanted you to know I think you're great at your job.  We are so lucky to have you on our team.

Jean D., Vice President, Barrington Downs Condominium, (managed since 2013)

June 2018 
I just want to give our property manager (Gwen) a compliment because she is always on top of all of our projects, and most importantly she handles residents issues when they arise, without getting worked up even though I get worked up! This helps keep our board at ease, knowing she can handle so much. Its very much appreciated.
Liz, President, Berry Grove Condominium, (Managed Since 2014) 

Jackie, Board President, Barrington Downs Condominium, (managed since 2013)
February 2018   Gwen,  Just a quick note to thank you.  I appreciate your knowledge and the job you do.  I could not do it.

Marc G. Treasurer, Claymont Condominium (managed since 2006)
January 2018 I want you to know – of all the management companies I work with, CPM Gateway is always the most available and responsive.  I appreciate all you

Kelly, Property Claims Field Senior Adjuster, American Family Insurance
December 2017 Hi Bob,

Just a note to tell you that your assistance and kindness is truly appreciated!

Skippy D, Owner, Treetop Condominium, (managed since 1997)
October 2017 Gwen, the work performed by Doug yesterday was outstanding. I truly appreciate him coming over to fix my window.

Cindy, Owner, Villas at Chesterfield Bluffs, (managed since 2006)

October 2017  Janet,

You are the best.  You do your job to perfection in my books.  I am so glad we have you as our manager.

Jean, Homeowner, Barrington Downs Condominium (managed since 2013)

September 2017 Thanks Bob for providing as much information and knowledge as you can, for me to offer to the board. I truly appreciate and value your input, so we do this all exactly right and fair to the owners.

President, Courtland Hall Condominium (managed since 2015)
August 2017 Terry,

Thanks for all your hard work in getting the Radon Mitigation System approved...  Jacob and I appreciate how quickly you handled the situation.

You are the greatest.

Mo A.  Realtor

August 2017
Hi Diane,  My move out date is Aug. 30th.  You are the best, I will miss Hickory Sound friends and CPM.

Denise, Homeowner, Hickory Sound Condominium, (managed since 2008)
August 2017
 Hi Bob!

I just wanted to let you know how much we love our property manager Gwen Sheedy! We just had our annual budget meeting and we were very impressed by the work she put into it, the problems she helped us solve, and her clear view of our whole property, past, present, and future.  

Berry Grove definitely made the right decision in hiring CPM and we are lucky to have Gwen

President, Berry Grove Condominiums, (managed Since 2016)

August 2017  Bob, Just a quick note to express our gratitude for Theresa. She’s doing her best to help us, and we appreciate her efforts very much. She’s going above and beyond with this bee issue, too. I appreciate her spending time on the premises, and inspecting the property and keeping us informed of everything she finds. Her help has been very valuable to us as we think about next years budgets, and prioritizing tasks, and so forth. 

Summergate Condominium (managed since 2016)
May 2017  Terry,  I know you usually only get complaints but I wanted thank you for all you've done for us recently.  Things seem to be going very well...

Trustee, Fountain Place Manor (managed since 2013)
May 2017 Janet, Thank you so much for all you do...I want you to know we appreciate all the acquired knowledge you bring to the table, as well as the hard work and effort you put forth for us as one of your many communities.
Board President, West Hills (managed since 1996)
April 2017 

Thank you for the prompt response to my request for cleaning my gutters.  The tree in the backyard had blown several branches into the gutters & when it rained they were overflowing.  The gentlemen that came out were efficient & friendly.  They took their time & did a good job.

Thanks again,

Homeowner, Madison Park (managed since 2014)

February 2017 I just wanted to let you know -- the guys did an amazing job on my front porch and walk. It looks beautiful! I couldn't be happier. Your (Maintenance) guys are the best! 

Thanks again,

Treetop Condominium (managed since 1997)

November 2016 


We are not accustomed to working with someone as efficient as you are! You are amazing!

Thanks very much!

Board President
Summergate Condominium (managed since 2016)

April 2016 Julia,

...Thanks again for all of your help.  It's people like you who make or break a company.  I hope all of the (CPM) employees are like you both.

Lissa M. Owner
Brook Hill HOA, Belleville IL  (managed since 2015)
March 2016  Things are going good. Gwen is fantastic. She is always on top of things and her communication is very professional and on point, a huge change from before. 

Liz P.
Berry Grove Condominium (managed since 2016)
 February 2016 It's very quiet, which is exactly what we wanted!...Very happy with the service, thanks Bob!  

Lauren T., Board Member
Montclair Master Association & Les Chambres at Montclair HOA (managed since 2016)
 January 2016 Good morning Bob, I wanted to reach out to you and just give a quick appreciation for all that Andrea does for Parc Lorraine. I want to compliment Andrea on the great job she does. She is faced with many issues, complaints, and even harassment from certain situations and continues to address them professionally and with patience and I commend her on such a great job.

Almedina V., Board Member
Parc Lorraine Condominium (managed since 2014)
South St. Louis County

 November 2015  ...I could not imagine handling everything without Michelle and CPM.  Their company takes so much off our plate and makes sure it gets completed timely.

...CPM is one of the most professional organizations in the Metro (Illinois) St. Louis market working with home-owner commuities.They are more than just a bill payment service; they are full service and for the small fee they charge itis worth the peace of mind knowing that everything is run efficiently.

Eric C.
Estates at Plum Hill (managed since 2009)
Belleville IL
 November 2015  Al,  Thank you for all you do!  You are truly the "get it done man"!
 September 2015 Janet, Thank you for all of your hard work and your time supporting the residents and Board of Madison Park Subdivision.  Our HOA is in much better shape based on switching to CPM and having such a dedicated Community Manager like yourself!

The Board of Madison Park (managed since 2014)
Cottleville, MO
 August 2015 have accomplished more in 8 months then previous Parc Lorraine Condominium Boards have in decades.

Scott W.
Board Member (managed since 2014)
South St. Louis County
 August 2015 Hello Bob: Our board had a board meeting tonight.  Gwen was so well organized and planned immensely for this meeting.
The entire board was in shock and awe of her work!!  She made it look effortless, but, I know it’s her planning that got the meeting run so smoothly, less than two hours!!

Gwen’s my teammate and; I am honored and thrilled to work with a true pro! You are lucky to have her at CPM!!

Beverly T.
Courtland Hall Condominium (managed since 2015)
Creve Coeur, MO
 July 2015 I used my Innovia Perks card at Sherwin-Williams today and when the clerk told me he never saw the deck stain I purchased so deeply discounted I knew it was going to be a great project.  Thank you CPM for providing my community and me with the cooperative discount programs; they are real money savers!

 July 2015

The (maintenance) workers did a great job.  Very professional, fast and cleaned up the area. I give them 5-Stars. They are welcome back any time.  Thank you,

Sid B.
Villas at Ladue Bluffs (managed since 2007)
Chesterfield MO

 June 2015 Thank you SO much, Janet!  I want you to know, for one, that I really appreciate your hard work.  Your team is SO much better than the last group we had.  You probably hear enough complaints and wanted you all to know we appreciate you all!

Kathy H.
Madison Park  (managed since 2014)
Cottleville MO
 April 2015 Thanks again for the info Terry.  You guys sure are a LOT more helpful than the previous property managers!

Mark K.
Brookhill Estates  (managed since 2015)
Belleville, IL
  April 2015 Hello Bob, I Wanted To Reach Out To You And Tell You What Great Customer Service Michelle Has Provided Me And My Family!  We Live In Fairfield Manor Estates In Swansea, And Have Had To Reach Out To Michelle For Several Questions.  She Has Always Been Prompt, Courteous And Respectful.  Our Last Association Property Management Company Was Not So Accessible...

Jennifer D.
Fairfield Manor Estates (managed since 2013)
 February 2015  Hi Janet,

I just wanted to say thank you for the great job leading the meeting the other night.  Even though I am not on the board, I still dread those meetings due to dealing with the impossible people; however, that was one of the smoothest meetings I have attended in years and I felt it was all due to you...


 October 2014 Bob,

I wanted to let you know that CPM has been great to work with during my role as a board member for our community.  Diane, as our manager, has always been responsive and timely with respect to our requests.  Thanks so much for taking care of us!

Hickory Sound Condominium  (managed since 2008)

 July 2014  Janet,

...I have been so impressed with your services that I am glad the vote did not go my way (she voted for the other management company candidate).  I can understand  now, you get what you pay for. I  have faith in you and that you do everything in our best interest...

Board Member
Cascades Townhome Association  (managed since 2012)
 June 2014 morning I saw Terry walking around the Braeshire property, and knowing Terry for years out here, I mentioned my drain spout had fallen off at the roof level...he took care of the drain spout right away, along with some shingles that had come loose. He is a fantastic guy, always friendly and helpful keeping Braeshire looking good!

Thank you for having such a great guy out here.

Ruth L.
Braeshire Condominium  (managed since 2004)

 June 2014  You are doing a wonderful job, Andrea.  On behalf of all of us, we thank you!

Lou V.
Terraces at Woods Mill Cove  (managed since 2004) 
 May 2014

...I thank you very much!  It is a 'breath of fresh air to deal with an efficient HOA management company!

RBCI, Inc. (Landscaping Contractor)

 May 2014  Andrea,

This is a belated note to compliment you on your management of your first Terraces Annual Meeting...On the part of this retired trustee, I want to congratulate you on a job well done...

Terraces at Woods Mill Cove  (managed since 2004) 

 April 2014 Hi Michelle:

It was a real pleasure talking with you and Carol today, you really helped to put my mind at ease and wanted to thank you ladies for your professionalism.


Brad P.
 January 2014 Hi Carol,

...I appreciated how fast the letter was sent and how fast the issue was resolved. So kudos to your team.  Currently the parking on the street has stopped and it is much easier to back out of my drive way and has made it easier for the snow plow people to come and clean our street when we had the big snow fall a couple weeks ago. So once again thank you for the follow-up on that issue. 

Thank You,

Devin M.

November 2013  Hi Bob,

We thank you so much for the service from CPM.  I love working with Annie, Teresa and Bobbie! We look forward to another year with CPM.

Thanks so much,

November 2013  Al,

...As always, you are honest and fair in dealing with Greenfield (managed since 1997) which is one reason I recommend CPM to others and have the utmost respect for you and your company.

...You and your employees are the BEST in the management arena.


November 2013 Hi, Janet,

Thanks for the follow up.  Once again, I really appreciate, and I am so impressed with, how easy the whole process has been to get my roof and siding problems resolved.  You certainly have my vote as the very best management company, by far, that we have had in the 17 1/2 years I have lived at The Cascades!

 June 2013  Hi Bob,

Things are going well and you are definitely fulfilling my expectations as a management company. I am always able to get quick answers to my questions and assistance when needed. I can't tell you how appreciative I am!

Thanks for checking in!

 June 2013 Diane,

I also want to thank the two  gentlemen (CPM Maintenance Staff Members) who worked on my drainage problems last week.   It was absolutely in the nick of time and I would have had a tremendous amount of water in my basement without the work they did.  They did a great job with the new drainage lines they took out to the street and you would almost have to know the work was done in order to notice where the grass was pulled up and replaced.

Thank you again


 October 2012 Hi CPM Customer Service,

I wanted to send this email to let you know that Craig is AWESOME! Last night around 6:30 pm I noticed Raw Sewage coming up out of my utility room and soaking my carpet. I quickly called the CPM main number and left a message with Craig. Within 1 minute Craig called me back. He immediately called a plumber and around 8pm they arrived.

Craig was also available early this morning when I called to discuss the status and any follow up concerns about the issue!