Introduction to Community Property Management

I’m Bob Klages with Community Property Management, an Association Management Company accredited by the Community Associations Institute.  We have a valuable service for your community.  Our team of professionals can reduce a Board’s workload by managing the day to day duties of caring for your community.  We handle tasks such as:

·   Communicating with owners regarding violations and collections

·   Overseeing routine maintenance, major projects and improvements;

·   Timely payment of bills;

·   Plus accounting for income, expenses, and reserves.  

 We offer advanced and affordable web based information solutions via interactive websites offering Property owners secure access to their individual account, submitting work order requests, online owner’s directory, financial reports, Board meeting minutes,  and governing documents. More...
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What Professional Management Services Can Do For Your Community!

One of the common ties between successful self managed communities and professional community management companies is the need for consistency. Bob Klages, CMCA, AMS, PCAM discusses both the difficulties and methods of maintaining consistency in your community.
Picking a Management Company...Made Easy!

Consumers are able to compare and value products like never before using the internet...More

An Experience in Mediation  

I had my first experience with Mediation in February 2015 in a case between an association where I was manager and a contractor who did faulty work...More...  
   A Guide to Keeping Your Association's Funds Secure

Bob Klages, CMCA, AMS, PCAM discusses the things you need to know to help protect your Association's funds through proper Handling, Accounting, and Insurance and methods of maintaining consistency in your community...More

  Decision Making is not for Cowards

We are charged with the responsibility to make decisions, and the failure to do so, can have catastrophic results...More...
  The Value of CAI Training and Certification
Community Association Institute provides valuable training, education and certification for professional community managers and volunteer leaders / Board Members in managing community associations like condominium and homeowner associations.  Presented by Bob Klages, CMCA, AMS, PCAM

  Why Work with CPM... about creating a local sense of belonging in a unique place you are proud to live.  A happy, inviting place, where everyone feels at home.  Where neighbors share a smile and no one ever wants to leave.  But that can be a daunting challenge on your own; that’s why we’re here...More...