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Who Regulates Homeowner Associations?

At Community Property Management, we get a lot of questions about how HOAs are managed, and where the rules and laws that govern associations come from. The simple answer is this: Your HOA is likely set up as a Nonprofit Missouri Corporation. Therefore, you are required to follow the laws that govern nonprofits and Associations based on their hierarchy (US laws first, State Statutes next, and then finally the Associations governing documents).


State Laws and St. Louis HOAs

Homeowners associations are generally governed by state law. Many association members are surprised to find that the activities and actions of HOAs in Missouri are regulated differently than those in New Jersey or California. The way that banking and finances are managed is one area where state laws differ dramatically. In some states, a board member is the only permitted signer on bank accounts and legal documents. In other states like Missouri, a community property manager can have more authority and oversight.  

If you’re serving on an HOA board in St. Louis, make sure your Board is aware that there are laws beyond the governing documents that the Association must abide by. Though your HOA management company should be equally aware the opinion of the Association’s Attorney should be sought when the law or direction of the governing documents is unclear.

State law
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Federal Laws Your HOA Needs to Know

While the governing documents  will take care of most of your day-to-day dealings as an HOA, you’ll still need to understand and comply with any of the other laws that impact your community and homeowners. There are more of them than you might have imagined.

Federal laws that affect HOAs are meant to protect your homeowners and the public. As you probably know, violating a federal law – even unintentionally – can come with some severe consequences.

At the very least, be aware that these federal laws can impact your HOA and the entire community:

  • Fair Housing Act
  • Americans With Disabilities Act
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  • Freedom to Display the American Flag Act
  • Over-the-Air Reception Devices Rule
  • The Service members Civil Relief Act
  • Bankruptcy Laws

Having CPM as your Association’s professional management company will assist your Board and community “navigate” the impact these laws have on your community.


CPM is a highly professional and ethical company that I have enjoyed partnering with to service their communities for many years. Crowder Construction would recommend CPM to any community that requires management services.



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