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How to Manage Projects in Your Community Association - Article Banner

Many different types of projects need to be managed in community associations. Your Homeowners Association (HOA) is likely responsible for everything from finding vendors to take care of landscaping to planning social events. When it’s time to plan and execute a project, it can seem overwhelming and impossible, especially if you’re a volunteer Board with a lot of other responsibilities, personally and communally.

We have a few tips on how to manage the projects (big and small) that are necessary in your HOA or other community association.

Delegate Beyond the Board

The Board doesn’t have to do everything. It may be your job to set the agenda and plan the process, but you don’t have to manage and control every detail. Enlist the time, talents, and resources of your homeowners and residents. This is what community is all about. If someone is complaining about the potholes near the guard gate, ask that resident if he or she would be interested in spearheading the effort to get them repaired. If you know someone is particularly dedicated to holiday decorations, appoint that homeowner to the decorating committee anytime there’s an event.

Ask for Specific Help

It’s easy to ignore a call for help when that call is general and vague. If you put in your community newsletter that you’re looking for “volunteers” to help with the summer landscaping season, you likely won’t get much of a response. However, if you ask for specific things like someone to screen potential gardeners or help with choosing flowers to plant, you’ll generate more interest.

Don’t be afraid to say exactly what you need. People are often more willing to help if they know exactly what’s expected of or needed from them. So, avoid sweeping calls for volunteers and ask for specific tasks to be completed. You can also ask specific people to help with them. It’s more difficult for people to say no when you’re sincere and can demonstrate that you’re asking them because you know they have the knowledge or expertise that’s required.

Be Accountable to Timelines and Budgets

Your projects need to have specific start and end dates. There should be a firm budget, too. When you have an organized process in place, it’s much easier to execute your project. Whether you’re putting together proposals for new capital improvements or planning the installation of a basketball court, you need to know how much time will be invested, how much the certain and potential costs will be, and who is responsible for what. Details and action-item lists are important in keeping everyone organized and the project on target.

Seek Professional Assistance

handshakeSpecial projects are a good reason to reach out for help. A professional management company can take the details off your plate so you can focus on the general work of the HOA and the Board. Whether you need help with budgeting, hiring vendors, or communicating project goals to your community, a good property management company can help you ensure everything is executed according to plan.

We’d love to help you. Contact us at Community Property Management, and we’ll talk more about your projects and your goals.