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Breakdown of HOA Board Responsibilities - Article Banner

Serving on the board of your HOA can be a rewarding experience, and an excellent way to understand the challenges that go into managing a community. If you’re a new board member or considering becoming a board member, it’s important that you understand what your responsibilities may be.

The following is how most community HOA boards delineate their leadership roles:

The Board President

The president of the board is the individual who most homeowners will associate with the HOA leadership. Presidents will be responsible for preparing the Board Meeting agenda, presiding over those meetings, and organizing committees and appointing chairs to lead those committees. If the Association has professional management, the president will usually act as the liaison to the community’s property manager, and set a good example for all the homeowners in the HOA. Usually, the president is the spokesperson for the board and will communicate decisions and announcements.

The Board Vice President

The vice president is responsible for keeping up with all board business so he or she can step into the role of president when necessary. People in this position are always learning more about the board and the community so they can better serve the homeowners. Vice presidents will preside over meetings and lead votes in the absence of the president.

The Board Secretary

A secretary’s role is to take minutes at the board meetings and distribute those to board members and homeowners. The secretary will also post meeting notices, send correspondence when necessary, and certify notices, motions, and documents. While the president may sign most official correspondence on behalf of the board, the secretary is responsible for disseminating that information.

The Board Treasurer

Budgeting and financial review fall into the job description of a board treasurer. Treasurers can be empowered to sign checks and approve payments in the self-managed community. In the professionally managed community, the Treasurer reviews the financial reports provided by the management company or accounting firm. The treasurer will also follow up on delinquencies, keep an eye on the budget versus actual expenditures, any investments or assessments, and prepare a monthly Treasurer’s report.

All Board Members

HOA BoardIf you’re on the board but not in a leadership role, you’ll be expected to participate in meetings and set a good example by following the expectations set within the governing documents. It is also imperative that you act in a professional manner, that you are open to the ideas of others, and willing to work with the best interests of the homeowners in the community in mind.

These are some of the things for which board members are responsible. If you’d like to talk about your specific HOA community and how we can help you run a better board, please contact us at Community Property Management.