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How to Prepare for HOA Board Meetings

An effective HOA Board meeting is organized, productive, and well-attended.

Many Associations struggle to get their homeowners invested in the Board meetings. Or, perhaps for your association it seems like there’s too much to discuss in a short amount of time. At Community Property Management, we support our HOAs by making meetings more meaningful.

These are some of the specific ways we can do that for you and your HOA.


Preparation is the Key to Effective HOA Board Meetings

An agenda is important for organizing the topics of the meeting and keeping all speakers and discussions on track. We work with your Board to draft an agenda ahead of the meeting, and to circulate it to all attendees so everyone knows what to expect and can prepare. We’ll review your governing documents to ensure we’re covering all the topics that are required .

Prioritizing old business, new business, and necessary business is important. With the support of the Board and  an objective property management company making recommendations, you won’t have to worry about the entire meeting being swallowed up by one angry resident or a Board member who feels passionately about a specific topic. We will make sure the agenda is inclusive but also relevant.

Every HOA Board meeting agenda will include a financial report from the treasurer and any committee update. We also recognize the importance of providing a space for homeowners to speak about concerns they may have. While this open forum will be respected, it will also require a strict set of guidelines that dictate how much time can be spent on these discussions.

Enforcing the agenda and its time limits is step one to preparing for a well-run Board meeting.

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Following the Meeting Rules is Important

It’s important that all homeowners and attendees agree to the rules of the meeting, and then follow them. The HOA Board must lead by example.

We can help.

Our experience with Board meetings allow us to navigate the boundaries of the meeting. We know that not every homeowner is as familiar with the meeting rules as we are and your Board of directors. So, the Board or the manager will establish the rules at the beginning of every meeting. This will keep the meeting from veering off track.

Your management team at Community Property Management will keep your meeting orderly and on schedule. We’ll end at the prescribed end time, by offering your Board members time to provide an overview of what was discussed as well as assign action items. Our experience has shown that saving a bit of time to wrap up completely at the end will help you avoid disagreements and disputes later on.

No one wants to become embroiled in long, complicated HOA Board meetings. We can help you keep things simple while staying in compliance and serving the needs of your homeowners and the entire community.

Community Property Management is your best HOA partner.


CPM is a highly professional and ethical company that I have enjoyed partnering with to service their communities for many years. Crowder Construction would recommend CPM to any community that requires management services.



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