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How to Distribute Work Among Your HOA Board Members - Article Banner

It’s important to remember that your HOA board is made up of volunteers. You don’t want to overwhelm the same people with tasks and duties time and time again. When you’re distributing work and delegating responsibilities, make sure you’re fair and attentive to the strengths and interests of your board members.

Ask for and Encourage Volunteers

Some of your board members are likely to be go-getters who are more than happy to pitch in whenever the opportunity presents itself. That’s great. However, it can also intimidate some of your more introverted board members. Any time you have something that needs to be done or a committee that needs to be chaired, ask for volunteers generally and privately. If you know someone might want to help out more but is nervous about putting themselves out there, ask them directly if they’d like to volunteer. This will make them feel needed and appreciated, and you won’t have the same people doing all the work.

Focus on Strengths and Interests

It’s natural to assign work to people who already have talents and skills in certain areas. For example, your budget committee will likely be made up of members who are accountants, financial analysts, or economists. The person in charge of the newsletter may work in marketing or journalism. This is a good way to ensure that things are done right, but remember that sometimes what people enjoy is very different from what they’re good at. Maybe your resident accountant would like to try responding to homeowners instead of crunching numbers. Perhaps your event planner would like to try negotiating contracts rather than setting up meeting agendas. Give people a chance to try different things.

Communicate Openly

communicationWhen you want to ask someone to do something, it’s best to be direct. Board members understand what they’re signing up for, so they shouldn’t object to being given tasks; however, they cannot read your mind. Make communication a priority and set expectations at every meeting and the Board will function efficiently and effectively.

Dividing up the work of your board is crucial to ensure things get done and to prevent the Type A personalities from being a dictator or burning out. If you have any questions about how to manage the people and the tasks of your community, please contact us at Community Property Management.