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In addition to providing exceptional community management services, we believe it’s our responsibility to provide additional education for board members. We want to share resources, information, and tips that will help you manage your community more efficiently and with less stress.

Check out our blogs and articles. You’ll find them helpful, and we will be happy to discuss them in-depth with you when you have questions or comments concerning the things we talk about. We’ll cover everything from co-mingling funds to managing violations to setting agendas for your board meetings.

With these resources, you’ll learn more about budgeting, financial reporting, and how to protect your residents’ largest assets.

Breakdown of HOA Board Responsibilities | St. Louis Community Management Education

Serving on the board of your HOA can be a rewarding experience, and an excellent way to understand the challenges that go into managing a community. If you’re a new board member or considering becoming a board member, it’s important that you understand what your...

Decision Making is not for Cowards

Decision Making is not for Cowards By Al Schlobohm, CMCA, AMS I was at a national car show in Independence Ohio in late July and at the close of the show, they had the usual banquet with awards, trophies, long-winded speeches and so on. One of the guest speakers was...

An Experience in Mediation!

An Experience in Mediation! By Janet Lynch, CMCA I had my first experience with Mediation in February 2015 in a case between an association where I was manager and a contractor who did faulty work.  While I’m not sure what I expected to happen in the mediation...


I like the technology and web site. It makes it easy for owners to enter work orders, etc. As a board member I appreciate being able to get financial information whenever I need it. Diane works closely with us to get the best deal on services, i.e., painting, lawn care, trash pickup, repair work, etc.


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CPM was started in 1985 with the idea that community management should be accessible, transparent, ethical, and proactive. With this simple business plan in place CPM has expanded to serve a variety of communities (to include, Condominium, Villa, Single-Family Homes (HOA), Town-home, Mid-Rise, and other styles of Multi-Family communities) and extended our service area to the entire Greater St. Louis Missouri and Illinois Metropolitan area including Missouri’s St. Louis, St. Charles, Jefferson, and Franklin Counties; and the Illinois counties of Madison, Monroe, St. Clair and Jersey.

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CPM is a highly professional and ethical company that I have enjoyed partnering with to service their communities for many years. Crowder Construction would recommend CPM to any community that requires management services.
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