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Accounting and Financial Reporting for Your St. Louis Community Association

Managing the finances, budgets, and collections for your association is one of the best reasons to work with professional community association management. At Community Property Management, we can provide professional accounting with our community management experience, state-of-the-art accounting software, and eye for accuracy and detail.

Tracking Community Association Income and Expenses


Whether it’s community association management or condominium management, we’re here to help you handle your finances. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the collection of dues, charging of fines, and payment of bills. If your community is growing, it’s even more critical to have a clear and transparent view of where your association stands financially.

With the CPM accounting program, you can count on expert reporting and statements. We protect you from fraud and implement standard accounting principles that protect you and your community’s funds.

Here’s what we do:

  • Collect dues and assessments.
  • Pay all expenses and bills approved by the board of directors.
  • Provide monthly financial statements with supporting bills, invoices, and documentation.
  • Provide an online web portal where board members can access financial data and reports.
  • Screen vendors and gather bids when work is needed.

We’ll also take care of the Lender and Title Company Questionnaires, which are required when you have units and homes refinanced or sold.

Putting Technology to Work for Community Associations

Our Community Web Portal is popular with the communities and boards we work with. It’s user-friendly, easy to access, and completely secure. This puts you in charge of accessing financial information when you need it – wherever you are.

The online web portal (CPM-WEB) allows community association members to review governing documents and financial statements. Residents can also view and edit their own accounts, and conveniently pay their assessments online.

Board members are able to easily view financial reports and past or pending invoices, as well as delinquency reports. The portal provides real-time data with up-to-the minute accuracy.

Boards are busy, and that’s why CPM is here. We’re available to expertly and efficiently manage any of the specific financial projects you have, whether it’s putting together budgets or planning for the long term.


The wind storm we had last week blew off the gutter on the side of my house from the roof down to the ground. I reported it in the afternoon and the next morning it was repaired. Thank you for your promptness and taking care of this matter.


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